750/870/1000 MHz CATV Power Doubler Line Amplifier MMIC

The ACA2407 is a highly linear, monolithic GaAs RF amplifier that has been developed to replace, in new designs, standard CATV hybrid amplifiers. Offered in a convenient surface mount package, the MMIC consists of two pairs of parallel amplifiers that are optimized for exceptionally low distortion and noise figure. A hybrid equivalent that provides flat gain response and excellent input and output return loss over the 40 to 1000 MHz CATV downstream band is formed when one ACA2407 is cascaded between two appropriate transmission line baluns.

  • 1 GHz Specified Performance
  • 21.5 dB Gain
  • Very Low Distortion
  • Excellent 75Ω Input and Output Match
  • Stable with High VSWR Load Conditions
  • Monolithic Design for Consistent Performance Part-to-Part
  • Low DC Power Consumption
  • Surface Mount Package Compatible with Automatic Assembly
  • Low Cost Alternative to Hybrids
  • Meets Cenelec Standard
  • RoHS-Compliant Package
Gain (dB) Min : 
Gain* (dB) Max: 
Noise Figure (dB) Typ: 
CTB** (dBc) Typ: 
CSO** (dBc) Typ: 
XMOD** (dBc) Typ : 
Supply Current (mA) Typ: 

* at 10000 MHz
** Parts measured with 110 channels, +52 dBmV power, 13.5 dB tilt at 870 MHz

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