1 GHz, 28 dB Gain CATV Power Doubler Amplifier

The ACA2788 is a GaAs Hybrid Amplifier for CATV HFC distribution systems. It consists of two pairs of parallel amplifiers that are optimized for exceptionally low distortion and noise figure with input and output transient voltage protection. The ACA2788 is offered in a standard SOT-115J package.

  • 28 dB Gain
  • 40 MHz to 1 GHz Operating Range
  • 0.5 dB Gain Flatness
  • 24 V Supply
  • Supply Current: 430 mA (Typ.)
  • Very Low Distortion & Noise
  • Robust Design and Insensitive to Voltage Transients
  • GaAs Monolithic IC-Based
  • Standard SOT-115J Package
  • Ruggedized design with integrated ring wave surge protection
  • Superior ESD protection, >7kV
  • Specifications
    Gain (dB) Min : 
    Gain* (dB) Max: 
    Noise Figure (dB) Typ: 
    Noise Figure (dB) Max: 
    CTB** (dBc) Typ: 
    CSO** (dBc) Typ: 
    Supply Current (mA) Typ: 

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